the essential

1. Name: Jen.
2. Age: Old enough to drink, not old enough for discounted car insurance.
3. Neighborhood: Allison Park.
4. Occupation: Designer.
5. Best part of job: The relaxed dress code, creative co-workers and free daily manicures.
6. Pets: A beautiful cat named Bella. I couldn't live without her!
7. Movie you could watch over and over again: I'm not sure I could choose just one.. Empire Records, for sure. Labrynth, too. If television DVD box sets count, then the entire series of That 70's Show because I've worn mine out by watching them again and again.
8. Who would play you in a movie?: As a youngster - Dakota Fanning, as an adult - Cameron Diaz, as a retiree - Meryl Streep
9. Favorite place to eat: Casey's on the Boulevard. Best place, ever.
10. Favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh: The great weather, fast travel through the tunnels and the lack of road construction!
11. Favorite ColorPretty Fat by Jen Lancaster.
13. Greatest Accomplishment: I'm still young. So far, graduating College. I think that's a big thing to do. Getting married. Saving for a house.
14. Three people you'd like to have dinner with from any period, dead or alive: I've quit having dinner with dead people because of the smell, but I'll go with Audrey Hepburn (I wanna steal her sunglasses), OJ (to get him drunk and find out the real story), and Donald Trump (I'm pretty sure he would pay and I'd try to get him to fire me before dessert).
15. Three things in the fridge: Yoplait 99% Fat Free Very Vanilla Yogurt, baby carrots, & lettuce.
16. First job: Oakmont Bakery. I had to get up at 4:30 on weekends to dish out pastries, no lie.
17. Influences: Tiffany, Plath, O'Keefe, Warhol (cliche!), and nature, I suppose.
18. What would you do if you hit the lottery?: I don't play the lottery. I like to think of it as winning a dollar every day. But if I did win, I'd donate every single penny to my favourite charity, the Jen Foundation.
19. Best piece of advice?: Don't take other people's advice.
20. People would be surprised to know that: I'm not the shortest person in the world.

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